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24/7 heating and cooling service in Chicago Illinois

24/7 heating and cooling service in Chicago

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Take advantage of our spring savings event, where everyone saves on air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation cooling services.
"What really impressed with how informed Faith Heating & Cooling kept us when we needed a air conditioner fixed fast. They fixed our air conditioning system great. Affordably on top of it ."

heating and cooling services

At Faith Heating & Cooling Chicago, we only dispatch skilled HVAC professionals to all repair and installation services. Our HVAC techs are “Chicago experienced “ with all heating and cooling products and brands.

Understanding your hvac

We know the more you understand your HVAC system, the better;  Improving our ability to better ensure your heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment performance meets your “all year round” comfort demands.

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energy efficient hvac products

Choosing energy efficient HVAC solutions for heating and cooling equipment and services can have a big impact on your comfort, while helping you save money on utility bills and protect our climate.

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Air Conditioners

Air conditioner repair, replacement-installations and maintenance services keeps you cool and comfortable.


Furnace repair, maintenance and new furnace replacement-installation services keep you warm and cozy.


Repair, maintain or replace your radiant boiler heating system with "Chicago experienced" service technicians.

Ductless Systems

The perfect and efficient solution to heating and cooling single spaces or zones in your home or business.

Smart Thermostats

Take control of your home comfort system with efficient and easy to use smart thermostat technology.

Air Quality

Improve your indoor air quality within 24 hours with efficient air quality products available to install to your new or existing HVAC system.

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We are here to help you find the HVAC/R solution you are looking for. We are here to help, just drop us a line.


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